Work with Me

Hey, ya’ll! Wow! You must be ready to make some positive changes to your life! I’m so excited for you! You being here is definitely something that is meant to be!

This means that you are open to the possibility of being your own boss by joining me in my Social Marketing business. If so, click here so we can connect.

If you are already in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Social Marketing, or Multi-level Marketing and are just interested in training for creating more engagement, generating more leads, or building a strong brand that has YOU in the center, I can help you with that too! Just click here.

I have been involved in this industry part-time for over 25 years. I have since learned how to market in a way that avoids being spammy and begging people. I have also learned how to market without bugging my family and friends. I am excited to be able to take everything I have learned and turn around and share it with you whether you join me in my Social Marketing business or not. There is plenty of room for all of us!

Having been involved in several different companies, I have learned a lot about what I need and want and also what I don’t want from a company.

The most important aspects of having a home-based business that are important to me are:

Strong Leadership: Having leaders who are committed to helping others and are truly knowledgeable with marketing in a way that promotes positivity and individuality is important to me.

Product: I love having a product line that is healthy for me and my family and for the environment.

Duplicateable: A system that is absolutely duplicateable so that I have more time freedom to spend with my kids and enjoying life.

True Time Freedom: I needed a company that truly allowed me to work from home so that I wasn’t leaving my kids to go do home parties or vendor events. I needed a company that was online and the duplicateable aspect of my current company allows exactly that!

Reasonable Start-up Costs: Being a single mom, every penny counts so I needed a company that had a reasonable start-up cost. After reviewing a few companies, the one I finally settled on has a start-up cost that makes sense, is reasonable, and affordable!

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