Some really nice things that people have said.

“I believe that [Alicia M. Bates] will encourage us ladies to share our thoughts about the life we want for ourselves and our families. We can also talk about the desires of our heart! But more importantly … we can bring our ideas together and help each other achieve our dreams!”

by Linda Deneau via Facebook.com/AliciaMariaBates

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Achieve Our Dreams!

“She is a GREAT person who tells it like it is. I listen to her advice often, even saving a Lifelong friendship that was almost ruined. I have known her for more then 20 yrs. And even though we dont live in the same state. I still beleve her to be a very close personal friend. And I HIGHLY recommend listening to her words of encouragement! …. You go Girl! C/O 93 lol”
by Calvin Jones via Facebook.com/AliciaMariaBates
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She Saved my Lifelong Friendship!

“You are a very inspiring woman. Thank you for being a part of my life.”

by Liberty Harrison via Facebook.com/AliciaMariaBates

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You are very inspiring!