Household Budget Manual

TABLE OF CONTENTS Family Budgets: A Brief Introduction Why an e-book or how-to guide on setting up a family budget? Why would or do you need a family budget? The business case for and rationale behind family budgeting Benefits and advantages of a family budget Family Budgets Defined What is a family budget? What constitutes a good family budget? What should it contain and look like? The Family Budget Process How to set up a family budget? Some practical suggestions and a step-by-step summary of a family budget process Hints, tips, tricks and tools for setting up a family budget How should a family budget be used? Final Thoughts on Setting up a Family Budget


How to Build a New Habit

Millions of people around the world make New Year's resolutions. Come January 1, people vow to lose weight, get in shape, stop smoking and make other significant improvements in their lives. They are fed up with the negative effects of the bad habits they have developed. They are bound and determined to create new habits that deliver some very specific set of rewards or benefits. The most dedicated New Year's resolution makers don't meet with that much success. Forbes magazine conducted a poll of thousands of its readers. That poll shows that only 8% to 10% of people stick to their proposed new habits or behaviors for any significant period of time. About 63% of UK, US and Canadian adults who resolve to develop a new habit fail to stick to their new pattern of behavior for even a month. But, this E-Book will provide you with the tools you need to stick to your resolutions and to develop those new, healthy habits!


Creating a Healthy Money Mindset Package

You have a relationship with money. Everyone does, but not everyone has a healthy relationship with money. Your money relationship is not determined by how many dollars you have in your bank account or what your savings portfolio looks like. Your relationship with money is about how you view money and how you use it to improve your life. So, how do you know if your money relationship is a good one or a bad one? This package includes the short Ebook and the Journal. The Journal includes 2 coloring pages and 3 blank pages for you to create a financial mind map, draw/write out your financial goals and dreams, or to simply just doodle.