Mindset Monday: Expect to Win

I analyze my position and take a side glance at my opponent. Silently, I assess the possibilities of his next move.

“If I move my knight there, he will be able to get my knight with his rook. If I move my bishop there, I can get his knight, but I will leave my king open. If I move my rook here, my pawn will be open for him to get with his queen, but then I’ll be able to get his queen with my queen. Hmmm… will he go for it?”

When playing chess, one must constantly be thinking of current possible moves in addition to at least a few moves ahead–constantly judging and weighing each of the possible plays in order to ultimately win the game.

The same is true for life.

It’s important to live life appreciating and enjoying the moment that you’re in, but it is equally important to strategize for the future. I mean, it would be easy to say, “Hey, I’ve just got paid! Let’s go on vacation!” But, if one doesn’t stop to consider the next few moves in the game of life–those moves being paying bills, buying groceries, medical appointments, etc. then one will “lose” the game.

So, being able to win this game of life, a person must have the mindset that they are going to win. Utilizing a plan of action is the best way to win. It might take years, but if a person makes the choice to plan and makes the choice to expect to win, winning will happen.

It will.

Years ago, when I was on cash aid, food stamps, and Medi-Cal (What California calls its Medic-Aid) I could have easily just accepted that life of not having enough and stayed there. But, that’s not what I chose.

The competitive part of me showed up and I chose to do better for my kids and me. I developed a plan of action, which included going to college, and I became a teacher. I went from being a displaced housewife to a school teacher within a five year period of time.

It was supposed to take me seven years to get through school but I had children to take care of so I had to accelerate my plan. I shaved off two years by busting through and taking five or six classes per semester and taking classes during the summer. I also worked three jobs while going through school.

There were times when I wasn’t sure if I could do it alone. But, I kept my eye on the prize, kept my mind on my action plan, and I did it.

You can have the life you want. But, you must develop an action plan and stay the course. I won’t promise it’ll be easy. I will promise that if you plan to win and you follow that plan, you will win.

Live a kick-ass life,

Alicia Bates