Wealth Wednesday: Negotiate.

Ooooh!!! Now THIS is good!!!!

It’s so amazing how many people have an issue with negotiating.

Think about it though. No one ever teaches us how to negotiate. It’s something you have to learn by watching others or by just getting out there and trying it out yourself.

The biggest scenario where this becomes difficult is when job hunting. You are trying to put your best foot forward and, if you are desperate for the job, you are in a position where you’ll accept any amount they offer just because you need to start bringing in the paycheck.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to be condescending or difficult to deal with or even hard-nosed about your position. What this means is that you shouldn’t be scared to return with a counter offer.

Further, negotiations don’t always need to be about more money. Maybe you’d like to negotiate into the deal that you work from home one day per week or have an extra day or two of vacation. There’s so many other possibilities for negotiating that don’t involve money directly.

There is a lot of guilt tied into money. We feel guilty when we can’t afford something. We feel guilty when we can. We feel guilty if we can afford the price but still try to get a better deal. We feel guilty even when we can’t afford the price and feel it needs to be lowered.

Where does this guilt stem from? Why are we so emotionally tied to money?

Start negotiating for what you feel is fair and no longer allow it to make you feel guilty. You are worth it!

Tell me what you think.

Enjoy your Wealth Wednesday,

Alicia Bates