Wealth Wednesday: Money Guilt

Wow! Cindy was really onto something when she said this!

I have heard many times people making others feel guilty when they come into a little money.

People will say, “oh come on, you can afford it!”

That might be the case but that doesn’t mean that one should pay for someone else just because they have some extra cash. How do you think they have that extra cash? It’s because they make wise financial decisions on a daily basis.

There’s also another problem that happens. There are those money hungry individuals who only come around when they are able to sponge off of others.

I have a friend who would get thousands of dollars back on his taxes every spring and it never failed, his “tax return honey boo boo” was right there alongside him until the money ran out. Then she’d leave and he’d be left feeling stupid and taken advantage of. But, you know what, he’d fall for it again the next year. This went on for several years until he finally got smart and put a stop to the madness.

The thing is, when you work hard for your money, you need to do a couple of things:

  1. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
  2. Appreciate any money that came along because of that work.
  3. Understand that it’s ok to tell others “no.”
  4. Understand that’s it’s absolutely
  5. ok to NOT feel guilty about it.

Instead of feeling guilty about not giving away your hard-earned money to those who didn’t work for it, ask them if they want help in learning to do better. Then, be sure that you’re willing to help them get to where you’re at. If they aren’t interested in truly improving their financial position, then you know you absolutely made the right choice in not giving them any more of yours.

You are free to let go of that guilt.

Here’s some hard truth: If they aren’t willing to do the work necessary to make different choices to help their financial situation, why should you carry the weight of their burden?

Stop doing it.

Now, while there are those you should definitely say no to when it comes to your money, there are also people to say yes to. But, you need to be smart about it. Do small things to help others, such buy some stranger’s coffee or lunch at the fast food place. But, just don’t let anyone guilt you into it. There’s a huge difference between helping from a place of caring and helping from a place of guilt.

Your to-do for Wealth Wednesday is to go out and buy someone something. It can be as small as buying a gumball machine toy for a kid or as big as whatever your imagination can come up.

What this will do is help to turn your mindset about money around so that you can start directly seeing the good that money can do for the world.

Wishing you a kick-ass life,

Alicia Bates