Two Easy Make-Ahead Recipes for Breakfast and Lunch

I have a goal of eating healthy, but I find that my mornings become rushed because, let’s face it, my bed is warm and comfy and I just want to stay there! So, I end up laying there until the last possible moment and then end up rushing around. Do you do the same thing?
Because I am well-aware of how my mornings will go, I decided to make my life easier by solving this particular problem. What I did was create breakfast and lunch meals that were healthy, simple ingredients, and were super easy to throw together the night before. This way, I didn’t have to spend time in the morning trying to make breakfast and lunch because they were already to go!
Are you rushing around in the mornings so much that making a healthy breakfast and lunch seems impossible? Click on the link and you will be able to download two of my favorite recipes for a simple breakfast and a simple lunch: Two Easy Make-Ahead Recipes


Alicia Bates